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Virtual Salon Services Testimonial

Infinite Beauty UK (East Sussex)

– in excess of 95% of calls answered by VSS’s Virtual Salon Receptionists translate into bookings –

Infinite Beauty UK is an independent beauty salon owned by Amanda Hare in Heathfield, East Sussex.

Amanda started out as a sole trader more than five years ago and now has around six self-employed therapists offering a range of treatments from the premises.

A Salon Answering Service Provided by Virtual Salon Receptionists

VSS is a Salon Answering Service Provided by Virtual Salon Receptionists (Stock Photo)

Virtual Salon Services provide Telephone Answering and Diary Management services for Infinite Beauty UK. We asked Amanda about her experience using Virtual Salon Services…

Why did you start using VSS’s Virtual Receptionist Service especially for Salons?

“We were getting calls in, and you can’t provide treatments and answer the phone at the same time.

“I found that when I missed calls, people wouldn’t always leave a message, and even when I’d ring them back, I’d often find they’d booked an appointment with someone else. People want an answer now now now!

“I received an email from Virtual Salon Services in my early days, and I thought it might be really useful and that if I got very busy, I would try it. So I did a week’s trial. It was a bit quiet, but I thought it’s ‘do or die’ time. I decided to take a leap of faith and go for it – and so far it’s gone really well!

“Now I can go into a treatment and know that every call will be answered, and I will always get a note through with everything on, all the details and so on. The girls also take care of my diary, sending through an email with appointment times and treatments details, etc. It frees me up to get involved in back office things when I get a chance to run around between treatments.”

How do your customers feel about your salon industry specialist virtual receptionists from your customers/clients?

“The girls are trained beauty therapists, so they know what they’re talking about – my clients are convinced the girls are here in the high street with me! They’re floored when they find out their calls are being answered more than 100 miles away in Cambridgeshire! And my clients are very very happy with the standard of service. They like the girls, and they can always make their appointments when they phone us up.”

And do these virtual receptionists make life in the salon easier?

“It’s made life tremendously so (easy)”

“I can go to treatments, and I know that all my calls will be answered. Every single person calling me will speak to somebody. That is the biggest thing.

“The service is very consistent. The girls are always very helpful, and I actually feel we’re working together, it’s really nice, I like that.”

Would you recommend Virtual Salon Services?

“I would absolutely recommend them to anybody. I’m very happy with the service. We initially had a few IT issues, but Neil (a contact of Virtual Salon Services) came in, and we sorted it out, again it’s more like we’re working together. It all seems to be working really well.”

“For example yesterday afternoon I wanted to go and watch my daughter play hockey, and I thought, “Why not? I can block my diary out and know that all my calls are all being answered.

“So far there is around a 95{6587a4d10ba56c2dd08017160679b9deb37431b794751b7768fd7e173d718dbe} plus conversion from any call they take into bookings.”

“I now feel I could go away on holiday and not worry about the salon. The girls will be taking care of any people ringing up to book appointments. It creates peace of mind.”

VSS is a Salon Answering Service

How would you rate Virtual Salon Services?

“5 stars, definitely!”

 Virtual Salon Services rated 5 stars by Infinite Beauty UK

Could our professional, friendly salon answering service improve the efficiency of your business?

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